English story | Doing this work in bad times

Friends, in a bad time, there is lack of faith, faith and patience within a person. All of these have a direct effect on his life. In the worst time, the human being can pass through the circumstances and what should he do in such a time. To explain all this, I will tell you a English story. English story | Doing this work in bad times

English story | Doing this work in bad times


once upon a time. A rich person made a boat to roam the sea. One day he went out to roam the boat with the boat. When he had gone quite a lot in the sea. Then suddenly there was a severe storm in the sea.

Due to that fierce storm, his boat was completely ruined. To save his life, he jumped into the sea wearing a life jacket. He also saw an island nearby.

He floats on floating - floating on that island. After reaching the island, he came to know that there was no one on that island. Nobody was visible to the distance around the island due to him - far away.

Now the person did not understand what to do next. One thought came to her mind that if God has saved her, then the path ahead will also show her the same way. Now she had to find a way to avoid hunger.

He started moving on that island and ate fruit to eat the day. As if the days were going on. His hopes were also getting tired. One day, the thought came to mind that if he has not done bad to anyone, why is this happening to him?

Gradually, he started reliance on his God. One day he thought - If my whole life is about to pass on this island, why not make a cottage on this island.

Now he has made a hut with the help of trees, leaves, shrubs and woods. After making the hut, he started to think about it and thought that from today onwards I will get gold in my cottage, not under the tree.

After a while, it was night. Gradually the weather started deteriorating. The electricity in the sky was cracking. Then suddenly the power fell on the person's hut and his hut started burning.

Seeing this, that person was completely broken. Tears started coming out with his eyes. He looked at the sky and said, 'God, what kind of sin have I committed?' Whom I am getting such a big punishment

He was listening to God crying to the crying crying. Some of the people came down to him and said, "We have come to save you."

We were passing near this island. Then suddenly we saw a hut burning. We are in no mood. You did a great job by burning your hut If you do not burn your hut, then we do not know that someone is trapped on this island.

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Tears started flowing through the eyes of that person. He apologized to God and said - I did not know that you set fire to my hut to protect me.

I am convinced today that you always take care of your devotees. You tested my patience but I have not been successful in it.

Friends, I want to tell you this English story that every person in this world has to undergo a bad time. After the bad times have passed, you will realize that whatever happened to you. That's good because if it was not all that, then you are not at this stage today. English story| Doing this work in bad times