How to remove your shortcomings story in English

How to remove your shortcomings

No person is completely perfect but can identify his shortcomings and make him harder to correct them. Some people do not feel ashamed to correct their deficiency or mistake, while some people consider their insult in believing their weaknesses.

How to remove your shortcomings

Here they overpower others. Instead of letting yourself defeat your shortcomings, take the initiative to defeat these shortcomings and strengthen the foundation for yourself.

Full list made

Nobody knows better than you. Do you know, in what circumstances did you find yourself feeling lacking in yourself? Make a complete list of these drawbacks so that work can be started to overcome them.

If you keep away from your shortcomings, the shortcomings will stick to you.

Do not understand humiliation

Half of the fights on the workplace begin on the point that an employee does not want to accept the mistake being taken by the other. Assuming the mistake of giving importance to its efficiency, emphasize the need to improve it.

Become Master

Your mistake can not remove anyone except you.

Whether you are deficient in conformity or communication, work hard on them. For this you have to be your master who can motivate yourself. Thanks !!!!!!

Do not be afraid to give new thinking to risk

Mahindra, who inspired the students to take the racks to change further in life, said that whenever you avoid taking the risk, then you waste a significant fraction of your life. Looking back later, you can feel like a moment like this in my life.

Talking on this, he told a story of his own life, when his company Mahindra had thought of bringing a car sparky together with Ford Motors.

The beginning was something that their company wanted Ford Motors's help in making SUV sporcos. Ford motors had the Sparkio model and Mahindra's planing. His Vice Chairman also offered the help of Ford Engineer

99% of people do not succeed Success English Motivational Story

Had given But Ford's chairman said- No, Ford's engineer will not get help

Let them prepare this work on their own. If they are able to prepare AC car at such a cost, then we will need to learn from them.

The President of Ford, this Peshkas had forced Mahindra to think that why did not I give this proposal?

Tomorrow is good

Mahindra told the students that your being in IIM-A proves that you have been working hard in your life.

Here are a few moments of my life and consider it to be our best time so far, but I hope that it is so good to show that tomorrow is better than today. I wish all the best tomorrow to make your tomorrow better.
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