The story of elevated hosla - motivational story in english

The trouble is a fact of our life. If some1 understands this, then no whole life cries it crying. At every turn of our life, we face troubles. Without this life can not be imagined.

Often, when we are faced with trouble, then we get stuck in front of them. At that time, we do not understand what is right weand what is wrong. The attitude of seeing each person's situation is different. Many times in our lives, the mountain of troubles reads the breaks. If some people break in that difficult time then some handle.

Motivational story in English

According to psychology, a person sees any Problems in two ways;

1 problem focus people
2 solution focus people

Problem focus people often get stuck in troubles. In this manner, the person thinks more about the trouble than in the case of any trouble. On the other hand, solution focus peoples think more about their solution in troubles. Such a person faces the dilemma of troubles.

Friends, today I am going to share with you the story of a great solution focus person who will encourage you to fight with any trouble. Friends, you must have heard the name of Napoleon Bonaparte. G. Ha, the same Napoleon Bonaparte, who was a great fearless and courageous ruler in France, whose life had no words of impossible name. In history, Napoleon is considered one of the greatest and most successful Ajay generals in the world. He was considered one of the greatest winners of history. There was no obstacle in front of him.

The Story of Napoleon's Strong Holes - A MOTIVATIONAL STORY

Napoleon used to do risky jobs often. Once, he announced to cross the Alps mountain and walk along with his army. A huge and skyscraper mountain stood in front of which it was impossible to climb. His army suddenly created a stir. Yet he ordered his army to climb. An elderly woman was standing nearby. As soon as he heard this, he came to him and asked why he should die. This is how many people have come here to eat it.

If you love your life, then go back. Upon hearing this woman's story, Napoleon was indignant instead of being angry and hastily cut off hero's neck and wore that old lady and then said; You doubled my excitement and inspired me. But if I save my life then you make me cheer.

The woman heard Napoleon's words and said- You are the first person who did not get frustrated and discouraged after hearing about me. Those who intend to do or die, and face the troubles, those people never lose.


Always remember one thing at the end;
In the cup of trouble, like the cream of the cup of tea,
And the successful ones are those who come to drink tea by boiling the cream of the fire.

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