99% of people do not succeed Success English Motivational Story

Hi... frnds I hope you all will be good. Have friends ever thought that 99% of people are not successful? This is because 99% of people consider themselves to be very intelligent. In today's world people have such a thought. They neither want to learn from a successful person how they succeed and neither do anything to learn from the failures of an unsuccessful man. Let's understand from a motivational story how the work of the mind of any High Achiever works. (99% of people do not succeed.) Success English Motivational Story

99% of people do not succeed.

Success English Motivational Story

Once the two friends were Ram and Mohan. Ram was passing through his life's tough times. He was getting a failure in life. But Mohan was a High achiever. The special point of Mohan was that whatever he used to do It was definitely successful in that.

1 day Ram came 2 meet Mohan, and asked him the secret of his success. After listening to this, Mohan smiled, and said that I have learned to be successful only with the failures of the failed people. Hearing this, Ram got into thinking and said how it is possible. How can you succeed by learning from the failures of an unsuccessful person?

Mohan said - I will tell u this secret but first tell me hw u failed. Ram said - I had a lot of money, ad I was living the life of a rich person. I wanted to earn even more money on the side. So I opened a company. I wanted to succeed quickly. So in the same year I opened another company 2.

All of my Sara's money was found in these two companies. I quickly opened up two companies, but I was not able to spend any time with any of my company. Which led to the loss of both the companies shortly after I could turn losses from both the companies into profit. But I did nt hve the money left 2 fulfill that loss. Gradually the loss of the company went up and my company closed in the second year.

Listening to all this, Mohan said to Ram - Give your failure to have two reasons. One, you have opened two companies in one year. Because of which you can not spend any company full time. Secondly - you put all your money in both of these companies and when you got lost. You do not have any money left to emerge from that. Because of which you are an unsuccessful person today I have been successful by learning from the mistakes made by the failed person.

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Frnds, I want 2 explain 2 u this motivational story. Our life is not so big. That we learn from the mistakes made by us and improve them. If you want to be successful in all your work Then learn from mistakes made by yourself and mistakes made by others. Do not go on any of the ways on which the unsuccessful people wanted to succeed. Do not do any such work. The unsuccessful people have done to achieve success.

There are two ways to achieve success. First - you walk on that path. On which one has achieved success. That is, you have to follow a successful person. Second - You have to know why no one has failed. That is, you have to learn from the failures of failed people. Anyone who is High Achievers in this world, whether it is Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, anyone has succeeded in following these two paths. (99% of people do not succeed.
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