funny inspirational stories with morals-Confusion of words

Confusion of words short story

Long ago, there was a king in a city. That king was very wise. Once a poet came in his state, the voice of that poet was very tender. He prayed to the king that he must listen to my poem once.

Raja honored the poet and ordered that he should recite his poem. Now the poet heard one of the best poems from one and also praised the king in his poems.

funny inspirational stories with morals
funny inspirational stories with morals

The king was very happy to hear his praise so much. He made the announcement that this poet has made our heart happy, so it was called in the morning and given 1000 thousand gold coins.

Now that poet became very happy. Pleased with happiness, it was not bloated. He had not even seen one thousand gold currencies in the dream. She did not sleep during the night, thinking that her gold money will change her life.

The next morning I got up in the morning and did not eat anything and reached the Rajmahal directly. All the people did not even come in the palace. When the king saw, he was astonished and asked him what are you doing here in the morning?

The poet said with great keenness, Maharaj, you had said yesterday that in the morning, taking one thousand gold coins.

The king laughed loudly and said - Look, you said a few words in my praise, I was very happy, then I told you the word for a thousand gold coins, you were very happy. You made me happy with words so I too made you happy with words. Now where does the money of money come in? The poisonous poet went back with his own face and went back.


This story is a little funny. But this story impressed me big. The truth is that we are trapped in the trap of all words.

Some friend said that today we are looking smart, we are happy, while we know how we are.
Someone said that you can not do anything in life, then we became unhappy, we did not think about ourselves but were caught in the illusion of words.
We know how our character is, we all know, but if someone praised us, we were happy.

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The king was intelligent he was not trapped in the word of words, but we are stuck and remain trapped throughout life. Others have become puppets of hands. If a person wishes, he makes us sad, if he wants, he makes us happy. Recognize yourself, get out of the trap of words, get rid of delusion, then enjoy a happy life.
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