how to stay positive during difficult times- INSPIRATION STORY

Friends, today we will talk, How to Stay Positive, Negative Thoughts is such a disease. That makes you hollow inside. Due to Negative Thoughts

how to stay positive during difficult times
how to stay positive

Negative Thoughts

Negative Thoughts your mind keeps thinking something at all times. Because of which you compromise with your desires and dreams and you make some beliefs of yourself. Which is not true. Like you think you can not trade because you do not have money.

You can not get a good number because you are an average student. You can not be successful because you do not understand so much. Because of these negative thoughts, everyone has their own problems.

You can not become a businessman, you can not become a good student, you can not become a good husband, you can not become a good father, you can not become a good teacher. If you want to eliminate all these negative thoughts, then carefully consider this story.

once upon a time. Swami Vivekanand ji was also going. On the way came a bridge. As soon as Swamiji started crossing the bridge. The monkeys surrounded him from all sides. On seeing the monkey, the master was scared and tried to avoid them.

Seeing the fear of Swamiji, monkeys became even more dominant towards them. Then a person passing by said to Swamiji that you do not be afraid of these monkeys. As much as you are afraid these monkeys will scare you as much.

99% of people do not succeed Success English Motivational Story

If you face them then these monkeys will run away fearing you, so you will face them stubbornly. Swamiji is not afraid of monkeys and they face them and in a short while all monkeys escaped from there.

Friends, I want to tell you this story that these negative thoughts are going on inside you. It's like those monkeys. Unless you will face them stubbornly. These negative thoughts will keep moving in your mind.

It will also happen at one time. Do not be afraid of these negative thoughts when these negative thoughts will dominate you too. Look at them once by facing them. You will definitely get good results. How To Stay Positive.
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