inspirational business success story- Su-Kam Inveter

It is said that when a person works with his passion, concentrated goal and full determination, no one can stop him from being successful. When circumstances are contrary to you and you do not see any ray of hope, then one should not lose patience and patience and should not give up in front of the circumstances and must constantly strive for "success".

inspirational business success story
inspirational business success story

Su-Kam Inveter success story

Today the company is world-renowned and has expanded its business in more than 70 countries and recently its owner "Kunwar Sachdev ji" told that the company's turnover of about $ 29 billion (1836 billion) is. But perhaps nobody knows that this company was started as a small shop.

Way was not easy

When Kunwar used to study Sachdev in Class X, at that time he used to go to his house to sell his pen and earn money from him. He never thought in the dream that he would make a very big level business. Later, he left the job and got a job with a cable TV person and went home and used the TV cable.

He was struggling for a long time but later he collected ten thousand rupees from his job and opened his own shop named "Su-Kam" and then used to distribute his own cable.

How did the kings of the electronic

In those days the companies making the inverter were not even abroad. One day, Kunwar Sachdev ji thought that why not start the work of making an inverter. On the same day, his success began, he joined many good engineers and started work on creating an inverter on a very small scale.

Many people have stopped them that you do not have any understanding of this business then you will not be able to succeed in this but they remain firm on their insistence and very soon with the help of engineers bring in a very good inbuilt design inverter market and fortunately people can convert many inverters Loved it. Slowly his business started to work well and soon enough he successfully took his business in India.

Kunwar Sachdev wants to give a message to the youth.

He explains that today's youngsters are desperate that they do not have the money to do business, or they do not have a good degree. But Kunwar Sachdev ji says that only a school or a degree can not become a businessman, he needs good understanding, hard work and perseverance. If you have the feeling of passion and success in your heart then no one in the world can stop you from succeeding.

Top richest people in the world who do not have any degree

A message

Friends, we often see stories of such successful people in newspapers or magazines or TVs and are also impressed, but only for some time after that we again live in our old life.

Today I want you not to let your spark be extinguished, you too think something big for yourself. As Kunwar Sachdev ji said - if you have a passion for success and success then there is no power in the world to stop you from succeeding. So, what education did you get from this article and what you thought of yourself to tell us in the comment below?

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