Are you the biggest knowledgeable? moral stories for kids in English

Hello friends I hope you all will be good. Friends, we get such people many times in life. Those who consider themselves to be the most intelligent, and the stories of such people are so famous that people can not live without laughing when they hear it. One such motivational story I will tell you. (Are you the biggest knowledgeable?

Are you the biggest knowledgeable? moral stories for kids in English
moral stories for kids in English

Are you the biggest knowledgeable?

A king considered himself the greatest wise and intelligent. One day he was eager to know whether there is more knowledgeable and intelligent than him in this world or not. By thinking of this, the king ordered his minister that in a month he found the world's most intelligent man and brought him to the court.

After getting the order of the king, the minister went out in search of a knowledgeable and intelligent man. The month came to an end but she could not find any such person. The minister was frustrated and sitting at home one day. Only then his son told him - Dad, you do not have to worry. Before the end of the month I will bring you a knowledgeable and intelligent person.

On the end of the month, the minister's son introduced his father to a person and said - Dad, this is the greatest wise and intelligent person in the world. Take it to court. The minister looked at the person and said, 'This is our servant. Who takes care of Gayo.

How can this be wise? Son said - You obey me and take it. The time had passed. The minister had no other way. He took that servant to court. The king was waiting for the minister in the court. The minister presented the servant in front of the king and said, "Maharaj, this person is the greatest wise and wise in the world."

The King saw that servant, One of your fingers pointed up. In response, that servant raised his two fingers up. After this, the king raised three fingers up. Seeing this, the servant jumped and started running away from there. The king began to laugh at seeing this, and he gave many gifts to the minister to meet a wise and knowledgeable person.

moral stories for kids

Some of the minister did not understand what was happening. Finally the minister asked the king. The King said - I picked up one finger and asked him - am I the most intelligent. Raising two fingers, he reminded me that God is also there. Then I raised the third finger and asked - is there any third. He shook his head and refused. I used to think that I am the only wise. But this person reminded me of the existence of God.

Morning Motivation I did what nobody did

After the court was over, all started going to their own house. The minister went to the servant and asked him- what was the king asking him in gestures, and what was he answering to the king? The servant said - the master I have only three cows. When you took me to court Then the king showed me a finger. I thought the King wants to buy me a cow.

I thought the king is very rich, so I thought of giving him two cows and raised two fingers. After this he showed three fingers I thought they wanted to buy my three cow. I thought this is a big injustice. So I refused to run away from there. Upon hearing all this, the minister started laughing, and said, do not panic. No one will take your cow from you.

Friends, I want to explain to you this motivational story. Anyone who thinks that they are the most knowledgeable and intelligent. In reality, they are the biggest fools. People make fun of them, and laugh at them. (Are you the biggest knowledgeable?
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