Morning Motivation I did what nobody did

Frends, if u walk away from the crowd and are successful. So your success and you are remembered until the Ugo Yugo. Everyone lives so. Have you ever done such a thing in your life? Who has not done any. 2 explain the same thing, I will give u a motivational story. Morning Motivation I did what nobody did

Morning Motivation I did what nobody did

        Morning Motivation

Morning Motivation I did what nobody did

It is a matter of time that a prophet has predicted in a village. He said that there will be no rains in this village for the next 7 years. All the people were very upset when they heard this because the prediction made by that person was never wrong.

All the farmers of that village started talking among themselves. They were telling each other that we should not cultivate because there will be no crop without water. That's why all the farmers raised their own luggage and returned home. Gradually the soil started drying and became barren.

A few days later a farmer thought. If I forgot 2 cultivate after 7 years then what will happen 2 me So he took his own step and headed towards the farm. There are some people on the way. He asked -

Where are you going with this solution? That farmer said - I will farm, because 7 years is a long time. It may also be that after 7 years, I forget to cultivate. All the people laughed after hearing this.

The farmer reached the farm and began to cultivate. The clouds were passing above the sky. He saw the farmer farming He said to the farmer - Hey idiot you do not know. It will not rain for next 7 years. The farmer said - I know. I am doing farming so that even after 7 years I do not forget to cultivate.

The cloud was astonished by hearing this. He started thinking. If after 7 years, I forgot to shower too, so he started to shower immediately. The crops of that farmer got water and the rest of the farmers kept looking at each other's face.

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Friends, I want to tell you this motivational story that if you have any talent then you should keep working on it because if you do not work on it, then you will forget it after some time. It may also be that there are some obstacles in front of you while working on that skill. In such a situation, you have to do that. Which no one did. Morning Motivation I did what nobody did
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