Top richest people in the world who do not have any degree

Those people who have the courage to dream, they fulfill their dreams. Friends, there are many people in the world who left their studies in the middle but in the future they went to the richest and successful people of the world. Success is not just the name of alphanumeric. For success, there should be hunger within the human beings and move forward. No goal of the world is impossible. Today we will know about such people in this article who did not have any degree but still they succeeded and presented an extraordinary example-

Top richest people in the world who do not have any degree
richest people in the world

Top rich people in the world who do not have any degree

Bill Gates - Harvard University's education center for the Microsoft company. Bill Gates had a passion for computer programming since childhood. At the age of just 13, he started making big software. Five years before taking admission in Harvard University, Bill Experimental Expert was the same. In 1975, Bill Gates left his studies and joined with his friend Paul Allen to advance Microsoft. Bill Gates is one of the richest people in the world today.

Oprah Winfrey 

Oprah Winfrey was very interested in the media since the beginning. Speaking at the stage in school and other media related things were the affair of Winfrey. Some time he also had a job at local radio station. When he was at Tennessee State University, he got a good job in the media and left his studies and paid attention to his career in the media. Today Winfrey is counted among the world's most successful people.

Michael Dell 

Michael Dell left the college juncture only at the age of 19. He established Dell Computer Company. In 1992, Michael was declared the world's youngest CEO. Michael started his business with $ 1,000 dollars and today Dell Inc. One of the top computer makers of the world.

Steve Jobs  

Steve Jobs is a person who has ideological personality for millions of young people. Steve also left his college in the middle and in 1975 founded the "Apple" company. Steve left studies after just one semester from Reed College, but there was a lot of passion and passion to move forward, on which Steve Jobs made his name in the entire world.

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Matt Mullenweg 

Mullenweg left his studies in 2004 in University of Houston. You would not believe at the age of 20, he made a big software like WordPress. And he was looking for a job in the programming field, but due to lack of good job, he decided to pursue his own WordPress and established his own company, and around 23% of the world's websites have been made in WordPress.
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