when your friends dont want you to succeed- motivational story

Many times some elderly people hear such things - "There is no one in trouble", "When problems come, they lose completely." We often hear such things from our grandparents or parents or other big people. These things are 100% true and you have experienced some such experiences in your life.

when your friends dont want you to succeed
when your friends dont want you to succeed

Your friends do not want you to succeed

If I say that your friend would never want to see you succeed - how would you feel? Some people might think that this is bad but that is true. Your friends from whom you are very close friends will never want you to succeed.

You have seen that "3 Idiot" movie, in which there is a dialogue - "When a friend fails, it hurts, but when a friend is at the top, then there is more pain." If you ever see a problem, then this dialogue will fit on you too.

Frankly, there is no defect in your friends, it is a human development. As long as we are like our friends, it is all right. This means that if your friends are earning your equal, or your number is like a friend or you or your friend's life is also like friends, then everything is going well, but as soon as you ban the ban, Your friends start watching you with jealousy.

Because your friends are unsuccessful, they do not want to see you succeed either. If you succeed, then your friends start treating themselves as small. Your success is like a slap on their face. They feel like they have drawbacks and they do not want to improve their shortcomings, just because they do not want to see you succeed.

If you are doing some work for a great job and you need help from a friend at that time, and if your deep friends do not help you, then those friends do not want you to be successful.

I want to say that there is no mistake of your friends in it. All people are like this - you and me too When a person comes out of our side, it hurts.

There is a very beautiful saying - "It's lonely at the top"

Remember, when you are at the peak of your success, you will be alone, but do not bet on it. You do not need to panic with difficulties, you have to stand up, have to remain stubborn, completely firmly, completely firmly.

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